Conservation Learning Group (CLG) is a collaborative team to advance training, outreach, and research across land uses and production systems to increase overall sustainability of agricultural and natural systems for multiple generations to come.


  1. Develop and deliver training for conservation professionals and educators on agricultural, natural, and social systems through effective methods
  2. Create and deliver engaging science based outreach to farmers, agricultural advisors, landowners, decision makers, youth, and communities.
  3. Conduct multidisciplinary integrated research that leads to comprehensive best management practices for production systems while understanding adoption barriers.
  4. Design and facilitate creative evaluation and feedback loops that will enable effective training, outreach and research.

Key Pillars

Soil health, water quality, wildlife, habitat, production systems, societal impacts, long term sustainability

Opportunities For Inclusion

Manure Management                                     Watershed Academy                         

LAMPS                                                           STRIPS                                                          

COBS                                                             Cover crops

INRC                                                               Water Rocks!

Iowa Learning Farms                                      Pollinators

Monarchs                                                        Conservation Planning

Wetlands                                                         Master Conservationist Program

Environmental Education Training                 Iowa Biomass Powerplant Partnership

Leadership Team

Jacqueline Comito                  Mark Licht                   Adam Janke               Billy Beck                      Catherine DeLong

Ann Staudt                              Jamie Benning            Matt Helmers             Kay Stefanik